Congratulations Moms for your pregnancy! Do you know that you need more fluids because it is not only you, but the fetus in your womb also needs liquid? Adequate fluid intake affects the availability of fluid in your amniotic sac, the flow rate of future lactation, and also the formation of placenta that serves as an agent to transfer nutrients to your little angel. If the fluid discharge is not replaced by sufficient intake, your body can become dehydrated which is fatal for both you and your loved one. 

To avoid dehydration, drinking water every day is recommended. However, there are times when you feel sick if you have to drink potable water continuously. No wonder you might want to add fruit in that water so that it tastes fresher and more delicious to cope with that nausea. Hydromamma® is developed in response to the above situations.

Hydromamma® is made from natural fruit extracts and it does not use artificial sweeteners and food color so that it is safe to be consumed by pregnant women like you. Hydromamma® also contains high level of folic acid and vitamin C which are essential nutrients for those who are expecting their babies. 

In addition to expectant women, Hydromamma® is also highly recommended to be consumed by newly married couples, especially those who are planning for the first pregnancy. Its content of folic acid has been scientifically proven to help increase fertility. Hydromamma® is also intended to serve mothers who are in the process of giving birth, breastfeeding, and very active mothers in order to maintain the balance of body fluids in their body.